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7 Reasons Taylor Swift Needs To Just Not

Is anyone else completely and utterly sick of Taylor Swift?

I know I gave her a shout-out in one of my earlier blog posts, but that was more me making fun of her for writing songs about her ex-boyfriends than actually giving her any sort of positive recognition.

I haven’t always been a hater, either. I used to really like her. Until she started trying too hard. No one likes a try-hard.

Everything this girl does gives me anxiety and makes me want to pull my hair out. Her creepiness at the AMA’s really set me off. So, my hate list:

  1. Your weird comb-over haircut. Please stop being trendy because you switch your style every week. Yes, Lady Gaga is completely crazy but at least she sticks to it and is genuine.
  2. Your personality changes as much as your style. All right, so you like to change your hair and your clothes. That’s one thing. But your multiple personalities disorder has got to go. Are you the innocent, sweet, heart-broken victim? Or are you the girl-power, don’t-need-no-man vixen? Who knows. It’s creepy, Tay.
  3. Your dance moves. Honestly, do I need to say more? You look like an uncomfortable snake trying to shed it’s skin and it’s making everyone else’s skin crawl, too.
  4. You pulled your music from Spotify. And claimed that your music was “rare, valuable art that should be paid for.” And made a huge deal about it. In theory, yes I understand why you did this and yes, I appreciate music as an art form. However, a) you do get paid a royalty when your music is played on Spotify, b) you have enough money, sweetheart, I promise, and c) if I can listen to other musical geniuses on Spotify, what makes you so special?
  5. You don’t want to be associated with country music anymore. I just find this a little unappreciative. Without country, you wouldn’t even be in the business. And your country songs were far better than any of your teen-pop jamz. But, that’s just one girl’s opinion.
  6. In an effort to steer clear of your country roots, you say things like “sick beat” and “hella.” Don’t do that.
  7. And above all else, you’re not Beyonce. And you never will be. That’s not really in your control but I will hold it against you nonetheless. Bow down to the queen, T-swift.
Image from vulture.com

Image from vulture.com

Ugh. I feel bad, because I’m sure you’re a lovely girl. But, just like you’ve got to write songs about your past love affairs, I have to blog about the things that bother me. And today, that’s you. Sorry girl.

She does know how to make a catchy song, though. I’ll give her that.


You Can’t Have it All

Today is Wednesday, which means that if you’re a 20-something-year-old girl, an active follower of pop culture, or simply a sicko, you’ll be watching American Horror Story tonight.

Now, this post could go in many directions. Maybe I’ll talk about how clowns stress me out. Or maybe about how watching sexual television programs with family members increases my anxiety. Or how the gruesome content of the show leads to a lack of sleep and vivid nightmares.

Wrong. I’m not going to talk about any of those things today, however true they may be (honestly, what age does watching sexually explicit material around one’s parents become not awkward? My guess: never).

The thing that truthfully stresses me out about American Horror Story is that I really like it. And I enjoy watching it every week. But in the back of my mind I think about all of those other TV shows out there that are equally interesting that I don’t have time to watch?

I’m sorry if I’m being confusing. I’ll be more direct- one of the most annoying things about life is that you simply can not have it all. You can’t read it all, you can’t watch it all, you can’t listen to it all. It sucks, doesn’t it?

As a result of this (irrational) annoyance of mine, I tend to avoid television in general. I literally don’t watch TV. That’s weird. I just always think to myself, “If I can’t watch everything, why watch anything? What if I don’t have time to watch the whole season? What if I miss an episode?” However stupid this thought process might be, it’s the truth.

I envy the people who can sit down and watch an entire series on Netflix. I typically give up after a few episodes.

At first glance, it may appear that I become easily bored or uninterested, but I don’t think that’s the case. In fact, I think boredom might be my favorite emotion. I freaking love being bored. I don’t even have a TV set in my room because I’m just as entertained staring at the cheap looking squares that compose my ceiling.

And most of the shows I watch are admittedly very interesting. The plot’s are good, the acting is up to my standard (literally not one actor/actress is concerned about meeting my standards).

So, no, I don’t think it’s that I’m such a wildly fascinating person that it’s simply impossible to keep my attention. I think it has more to do with the fact that I get overwhelmed by the amount of content out there. It’s like, as soon as you read a good book there’s approximately 17 other similar books that you need to get your hands on. Who has time for that?

Okay, please stop telling me what to do, Dr. Seuss. Image from thethingswesay.com

Okay, please stop yelling at me, Dr. Seuss.
Image from thethingswesay.com

Side note: I’m well aware this is a terrible way of thinking. But, it just goes to show what a spaz I really am. If you thought I was exaggerating about my *unique* tendencies… think again.

What’s really sad is that these things- books, TV shows, movies- are supposed to be things that bring people joy and entertainment. WHAT KIND OF WEIRDO GETS STRESSED OUT ABOUT THEM? ..Don’t answer that.

Anyway, regardless of the stress that comes along with, um… liking something(?), I’ve become addicted to AHS over the past couple of seasons and I look forward to all of the gore and sex and freaks every Wednesday.

Just don’t comment leaving any suggestions for other shows you think I’ll be interested in. I don’t have the time, OKAY?