The Truth About Funny People

So I agree.. I think I’m really funny

Truth Shall Set You Free So Don't Be A Crybaby

You likely know a few funny people and by funny I do not mean cheezy knock-knock jokes and one-liners.  By funny I mean slap your leg and laugh out loud or scoff in disbelief something so offensive yet funny was said.  People look at sarcastic, loud mouth humorists and tend to think they are heartless, rude, tactless, or devoid of giving a shit.

This can be seen with greats like Joan Rivers or Carlos Mencia who’s bite is loud and offensive but funny as hell (not to mention true).  They get misunderstood and rolled in to stereotypes of the kind of funny that comes with assumptions and judgment.  Being a very similar personality (definitely not as cool) I can tell you this about truly funny people:


  • We just love to laugh, it is our happiness and something we believe that makes life a little less complicated
  • We absolutely love to make others laugh.  Just like…

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