What’s Her Deal?

DISCLAIMER: This is not a blog about stress management. I will most likely never provide you with techniques to battle your anxiety.

I’m Laura. I thought about making an online alias or some sort of alternate personality for this blog but I’m wondering if people would take one look at my posts and know that it’s me.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 5.48.36 PM

I’m a communicator, a writer, a self-proclaimed comedian, a high-school Valedictorian (don’t ask), and a nut job.

It’s taken me a long time to fully accept my status as a functioning crazy person but it’s truly an unavoidable fact of my being. I’d love to be a calm, rational girl but instead, I’m the person who is worrying about being that calm, rational girl.

I like to write about things that stress females out, things that irk us and things that we can’t live without.

I over eat, over think and over analyze. I’m good at it. I stress about things I shouldn’t and I am unaffected by issues that I should probably think twice about. But, on the bright side, I’ve found that my anxiety brings humor to my friends and family. It’s come to be (almost) endearing to the people that mean most to me and I’ve decided to share my experiences and freak outs with the World Wide Web. Maybe you’ll laugh, too.




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