Manic Mondays: Jingle-Belling on a Budget

So the cat’s out of the bag: I can’t afford to buy any of you Christmas presents.

Which sucks because I actually thoroughly enjoying giving presents. There was a time in my life (probably when I was 16 and recieveng my first ever paychecks) that I gave gifts to everyone that had ever looked at me. My second grade teacher? Here’s an Old Navy fleece! Everyone in my eighth grade class? Here’s a mug filled with cookies and chocolates.

And, to be honest, I’d like to think that I’m a pretty good gift-giver. I usually know what people will really love, instead of being that girl who gives her sister fuzzy socks that were on sale at Target.

But, as I continue my life as a struggling college student who hates working more than 12 hours a week, my funds have naturally diminished. And I’m left here wondering if (despite all my efforts to avoid them) I’ll be wrapping fuzzy socks in my near future.

So, how does one show their loved ones how much they care (and what an awesome gift-er they are) when they’re still rocking a pedicure from October, drinking $8.00 bottles of wine, and purchasing strictly Great Value brand groceries?

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Image from

I suppose you could get creative. Like, I could make my mother a coupon book and create  a slideshow of loving pictures for my boyfriend, but let’s be honest, no one wants that. And I’m not crafty so anything I make would be less than sub-par.

To make matters worse, my parents give me everything. As does my boyfriend. I’m so grateful for everything they do for me, and for some strange reason, I just don’t think a homemade, paper-towel roll Santa Claus decoration shows my gratitude.

I think my strategy will be to create a budget. I will strategically plan all of the presents I need to get for the most important people in my life and make a mental note to myself that, one day, when I’m CEO of a Fortune 500 company, I’ll buy everyone I love a trip to Europe.

And in the mean time, I will stress and cry about all the things that I want to get that do not fall within this year’s budget.


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